These are big shoes to be filled.

Well, more like big pants, smarty pants, to be exact. But you’re no average Joe (or Jocelyn). You decided to live here, after all, so we know you’ve got your act together – and you’re probably quite passionate about sharing the good news about our little corner…er, Triangle…of the world. We won’t ask much of you, we promise. Just that you sign up to become an ambassador of smartness (yes, grammar aficionados, we just made that word up). Oh, that and your firstborn, who’ll no doubt be a child genius. We’re going to have to insist that they stay here to continue upping the average IQ.

So we know you made a smart decision. Now, become an ambassador, pat yourself on the back a few times, and then get to work telling us – and everyone else - why moving to the Triangle was the best idea that you’ve ever had.

Why Focus on Talent Attraction?

We think it’s smart to focus on the future. The Triangle is at an exciting crossroads, leading the country on nearly every measure of economic success. Using a metaphor that’s apropos for our region – with its legacy of producing championship basketball teams - our talent bench is already quite deep. But as the global competition for the world’s best and brightest heats up, the Triangle must continue to retain, cultivate and replenish our most important asset – people – in order for the region to flourish in the decades to come. To do this, the Triangle has launched a new, regionally collaborative talent attraction campaign, called “Work in the Triangle. Smarter from Any Angle.”

Our goal:

To help the Triangle continue to market and position itself nationally and internationally as one of the top destinations for talented professionals in the next five years.