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Whether you’re looking to switch industries, grow in your current career path or are just getting started, the Triangle has the job for you. Our three county community is currently experiencing a major boom in job growth. Over the past five years, we’ve seen a 17% increase which continues to rise. Just like our jobs, the key industries of the Triangle – manufacturing, life sciences, clean tech, and technology – are also seeing increases in capacity growth. Our talented workforce continues to showcase just how much of an asset the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill region is!

From locally grown companies to household names, you’ll find the right company and career title fit in the Triangle. Explore our jobs database, showing a sampling of jobs in the area, to get started.


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From developing new software programs for companies to creating more sustainable innovations for the environment, the Triangle has a diverse offering of positions. Our key industries include manufacturing, life sciences, technology, and clean tech.

Advanced Manufacturing

As manufacturing shifts away from mass production techniques toward highly specialized, adaptive, and customizable production, our region is home to many of the technologies making this shift possible. Browse 188 Jobs

Clean Tech

The Triangle is home to one of the world’s leading cleantech clusters. These companies are actively creating new technologies that support more sustainable growth and a cleaner, greener environment. Browse 79 Jobs

Life Sciences

Not only is the Triangle the 5th largest life sciences hub in the country, we are home to the world’s largest cluster of CROs. From start-ups to massive global corporations, we’re home to companies with a wide range of expertise. Browse 74 Jobs


The Triangle is the second-fastest growing tech hub in the US. Our 4,000 tech companies employ more than 60,000 in software development, information security, and everything in between. Browse 1455 Jobs
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