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Salaries and Wages

Here in Smartopia, happiness is all around, so you won’t need money to try to buy it. (Even if you did, happiness, like everything else in the Triangle, is way more affordable.) But you might need a few Benjamins every now and then to get some of the essentials. Here’s how our highly competitive salaries and wages add up:

  •  The Research Triangle Region employs 1.18 million people in more than 54,000 businesses across the region. 
  • The average wage of the Research Triangle Region is $49,845.   
  • Over the past 5 years, the Region has experienced a 10.9% increase in wages. 
  • The top industry sectors by investment are pharmaceuticals ($2.2 billion), advanced medical care ($204 million) and cleantech ($57 million). 
  • The Research Triangle Region’s fastest growing job sectors include pharmaceuticals, pervasive computing and advanced medical care.
  • The Research Triangle Region’s wages are $5,700 a year higher than the State of North Carolina’s average.