Triangle Talking Points Cheat Sheet

Oh, Triangle, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Okay, so geniuses generally don’t need “cheat sheets,” but here are some key talking points in case your brain is already too full of so many other important facts and figures.

Top 3 Reasons The Triangle is Smarter From Any Angle

Skilled professionals are influenced to move to a new location by personal relationships and key national rankings. So share these key messages with everyone you know – friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, complete strangers on the plane - about this great place we call home. The Triangle offers opportunities for a:

  1. Smarter career: The Triangle has jobs, jobs and more jobs, in the industries of the future, with the world’s leading companies and sectors;
  2. Smarter lifestyle: Our unique combination of “quality of place” assets - a temperate climate, affordable and attractive housing and safe neighborhoods - make the Triangle an incredible place to live; and
  3. Smarter education: The Triangle’s three world-class universities provide unparalleled access to lifelong learning and partnerships for business, education, research and citizens.

Top 3 Rumors You Should Dispel About the Triangle

For too many people, North Carolina still calls to mind Mayberry and the “old South.” But we’re the “new South,” with so many great things going on that it’s hard to keep track of them all. People living outside our region think there’s a lack of:

  1. Arts and culture: We didn’t get the nickname “Smithsonian of the South” for naught. From new exhibits to a burgeoning arts scene, we challenge newcomers to be bored.
  2. Ethnic and cultural diversity: Global companies operate in a global economy from the Triangle, so we have people - literally from all over the world - living in our little triangle of the world. We’re also home to the #3 city for gay parents.
  3. Entertainment and restaurant options: When the New York Times listed Durham as one of the top places to visit, it said that the city’s food was “worth a trip.”

So, How Does the Triangle Rank?

Can-do. Cool. Healthy. Brainy. Young. Funny. Inventive. Optimistic. Clean. Affordable. Smart. (set this one apart, somehow) These are just a few of the words that top national media outlets use to describe us and our region in their key yearly rankings of places across the country. No matter which way you look at it, the Triangle is smarter from any angle.

Work: #1 Best Place for Business & Careers, Forbes

Live: #3 Healthiest Housing Market, Builder Magazine

Learn: #2 Biggest Brain Magnet in U.S., Forbes

Play: #1 America’s Best City (for Quality of Life), Bloomberg Businessweek

Our goal:

To help the Triangle continue to market and position itself nationally and internationally as one of the top destinations for talented professionals in the next five years.