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What's Your Raleigh Love Story?

Posted by: Brittany C. Location: Durham Comments: 0
What's Your Raleigh Love Story?
Brittany C.
  • Smarty Pants Ambassador
  • Brittany C.
  • Durham, NC
  • Marketing Assistant, WCED

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As a part of our involvement with the SPARKcon creative festival and the Hopscotch Design and Hopscotch Music festivals, we launched an interactive campaign for people to tell us what they loved about Raleigh. We hand-cut hundreds of hearts from construction paper, and provided craft supplies for people to decorate them in ways that reflected why they love this city. People placed their hearts wherever they wanted on our ten foot carpet wall, to add their unique perspective to the larger story. We collected stories in person, and via Twitter, for five days and the responses were truly amazing…. Check it out!

People love Raleigh for

the arts, culture,


and quality of life....


Innovation, Technology,

and Growth were also

mentioned often!

Then there were those

who actually

fell in love in Raleigh....

No matter why we love

Raleigh, it's our home-

and it's awesome!

Just like our


We want to hear

your story too!

Tweet us your


in #SixWords


or leave them

in the comments below!

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