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The New Networking

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The New Networking
David S.
  • Smarty Pants Ambassador
  • David S.
  • Durham, NC
  • Founder & CEO, Offline Media Inc.

The Triangle

 If you poke around this site a bit, and if you know much about the Triangle in general, you're probably aware of how perfect it is for professionals. We could rehash the statistics here, but I'll save your eyes: this is the place to be. 

 What you might not know is that the Triangle rocks when it comes to entrepreneurship as well. In Durham, NC, we have one of the best ecosystems and one of the best programs in the country for building tech companies. 

 That's why when a couple of Smarty Pants NC State and Duke University graduates decided they wanted to build a tech company that would forever change the way professionals think of their social lives, they wanted to do it right here in the Triangle. Not Silicon Valley, not New York, not Boston. Their backyard was the perfect environment. 

My name is David Shaner and I'm one of those graduates. I want to take a minute and tell you about an exciting company that's happening right now, right here in the Triangle -- Offline Media.


 "Networking" seems like a dirty word these days. It brings to mind stuffy rooms full of business casual dress, name-tags, etc. But there's something undeniably positive about networking: it brings people from the community together in real life so that they can become more connected. It's not the idea that's bad, it's the execution. 

 Now I want you to imagine if networking made you think of skydiving, or a cooking class, or a round of shots. What if "networking" just meant having a good time with people like you in your community. Well, that would change the game. It would change the way professionals live their lives, because becoming more connected wouldn't be an online chore, it would be something to look forward to in real life.

And when your real-world network grows, life gets better for everyone. When smart people become more connected, that's when big ideas are born, companies are started, jobs are found and created, and romance and friendships are plentiful. 

There are nearly a quarter million college educated professionals in the Triangle. That's a lot of smart people. At Offline, our goal is to bring together the best people and the best things to do to create a truly connected professional community. We want to change what it means to "network."

Could you change the world if it was easy and fun to be more connected?

You're a Smarty can figure it out. 


If you would like to get involved or have any additional questions, you can contact Offline's Founder and CEO, David Shaner, at, follow Offline at @OfflineMedia, or visit their URL to read more about getting offline in the Triangle. 

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