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It’s all about perspective!

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It’s all about perspective!
Noa R.
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We love featuring guest bloggers on our site. So many Triangle residents have amazing stories and messages that we love to share with you. Our latest guest blog comes from recent Triangle Transplant, Noa. After living in Israel and New York, she finally landed here in Smartopia. Does she hate it or love it? Scroll down to learn more about her move to the Triangle, and what she thinks of the area so far.

My name is Noa (without the letter h), which is a very common name for girls in Israel. Noa means movement in Hebrew; and although I am not moving all the time, movement is a big component in my life. Our family (my husband and then my 2 older kids) moved from Israel to Brooklyn, NY; and not so long ago our family (now with 3 kids age 11, 9 & 5) moved again from New York to Cary (you can read more about it in our family blog here). Those moves had an enormous influence on the way I live my life. They also influenced my decisions to become a life coach and support expats (families and people who are going through life transitions); especially because I know there is a lot of shame around the grief and feelings they have about the way they feel.

You probably all want to know how I find the Triangle area. To tell you’ll the truth, I kind of hate how everything here is so perfect. Yes! You read it right, it’s kind of tees me off how everything here is so beautiful and how everyone is so nice and understanding. You see, I am in transition, I am the one who moved here and I am the one who is missing the people that were part of my community; and mostly, I am missing being and feeling part of a community. But today something happened that shifted my perspective and I would like to share this story with you.

While unloading my supermarket cart, the cashier asked me if the reason I had so many different kind of cheese in my cart was because I am hosting friends for breakfast or an event. I smiled and confirmed that indeed tomorrow I will have few friends over for breakfast. Then she asked me if the flowers I bought are for me, and again I confirmed that the flowers are for me. I kept explaining that I bought the flowers because we just moved to the area two months ago and the flowers make me feel at home. The conversation kept going; she asked me where we moved from and if I was working or staying at home with the kids. I explained that I work from home, because I am a life coach. She looked at me and said: what a wonderful job you have! Do you have business cards with you? I would like to refer some people to you. She could have stopped there, but she kept going and told me about all the other places and organizations I could contact to make more connections, and eventually new clients. I thanked this generous lady and walked with a huge smile to my car.

This is not the first time I have had such an experience with people around here. While writing this post I was thinking how easy it is get stuck in my “I miss NY” perspective about the move; but this story reminded me that every time in my life I am about to lose hope, there are people out there who are willing to be there for me. Some days it is the sweet boy across the street that knocks on our door, almost every day, and introduces my kids to other kids in the neighborhood.  Today there was the sweet lady in the supermarket who was just curious about my flowers.

Their acts of kindness were things that surely shifted my perspective, and showed me that I am part of this community.


To Learn more about Noa, her life coaching services, and ​what she loves most about her new community, check out her 'What's Your Angle' profile.

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