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Hidden Gem in the Triangle #251: Become the proud owner of a Busy Bee Café High-five!

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Hidden Gem in the Triangle #251: Become the proud owner of a Busy Bee Café High-five!
Kelly M.
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A few months ago, I met a friend at The Hive (also known as Busy Bee Café) in downtown Raleigh to catch up and have a quick drink. It wasn’t an overwhelmingly busy night, as it was during the week, so we ended up chatting with the bartender. After going through a list of beer specials, the bartender mentioned a “high-five special.”

You know, the celebratory hand gesture that occurs between two people when each party raises their hand and slaps the flat part of their palms together – they sell it. For the low, low price of 25 cents. I couldn’t resist, so naturally, I purchased one for myself. (Evidence below).

Just last week, myself and a group of colleagues stopped by Busy Bee for an afternoon snack and coffee which reminded me of the high-five special. We inquired about it from our somewhat puzzled waitress, who referred us to co-owner and manager, Chris Powers. As it turns out, the high-five special started as a joke. “Fun is free, but a high-five is going to cost you $0.25,” explained Chris. Though it’s not well-known or advertised, the high-five special DOES exist. And from those of us who have experienced the joy of receiving a “Hive-five,” it is well-worth the $0.25.

So next time you’re in the neighborhood or just have a reason to celebrate, stop by the Busy Bee and buy yourself a high-five. Or, if you’re feeling particularly generous, buy a round for your friends!  

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