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Holiday Preparations in Full Swing? Shop Local!

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Holiday Preparations in Full Swing? Shop Local!
Brittany C.
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   The holidays are in full swing here in the Triangle! Decorating, menu planning and shopping take center stage this time of year. Finding the perfect gifts for your special Smarty Pants can be a little overwhelming, along with planning the perfect meal; but we've got the perfect solution...Shop Local! Head over to your favorite locally-owned Triangle merchant to make off with some amazing deals, fresh produce and unique gifts, all while helping to sustain your local community.

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     We know we know…we’ve heard just about all of the reasons people have for shopping at big box stores. Some cite discounts, while others enjoy the convenience of online shopping. The truth of the matter is: Many local retailers provide the same things, and more of that money stays right in your own back yard. Do some math with me for a second, ok Smarty Pants? According to, for every $100 you spend at a national chain, $13 stays in your community. Spend the same amount with an independent local business and $45 stays in your local community. Do the math yet? That’s more than tripling the local economic benefits of your spending. This positive impact goes beyond dollars and cents; it affects jobs and the environment too.

  • Because local independent businesses get more of the things they need from other local businesses, they use less fuel for transportation, less packaging, etc.
  • Small businesses employ about half of the private-sector employees in the U.S., so buying local means more jobs for local residents.
  • Sales tax revenue from local sales leads to increased tax revenue for local governments, which is in turn reinvested in the community.

That means that buying local can help fix those pesky pot holes along your commute, add that new swing set to the park by your house and get new textbooks at your child’s elementary school. Pretty sweet deal right? Speaking of sweet, your local farmers market is a great source for fresh produce; including the sweet potatoes that could go into that pie this holiday season!

NC Farmers Market

     Shopping local in the Triangle is even easier that you may imagine thanks to these organizations started by Triangle Smarty Pants like Sustain-A-Bull in Durham, Shop Local in Raleigh and Buy Local in Chapel Hill-Carrboro. All of these amazing organizations are dedicated to supporting and promoting local business to help local economies grow and thrive.  So now that you’re armed with this wealth of information, what’s holding you back? Like the idea of shopping local but prefer to shop online? LiPi has got you covered. LiPi, which stands for ‘Love it Promote it’, is an amazing new service that allows users to browse and purchase items from local merchants on their smartphones or computers; and it’s free! There you have it, Convenience and sustainability.

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     Still not convinced? Think big box stores, Amazon and Black Friday are the only ways to score major deals? I’ll let you in on another little secret. Nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is perhaps the most important shopping day for your community, Shop Local Saturday. This year, the holiday fell on November 24th. Over eighty percent of local retailers offered discounts that day. Savings and a positive community impact, that’s pretty hard to beat. So for the rest of the holiday season, and into the New Year, do the smart thing and shop local. Your community is a totally awesome place; why not support it and your fellow Smarty Pants too?

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