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Diary of a Smarty Pants : My first 'Offline' experience

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Diary of a Smarty Pants : My first 'Offline' experience
Brittany C.
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Ready...Set...Defy Gravity! (But first, make sure your smart glasses are securely fastened). As a new addition to the Work in the Triangle team, I hadn’t had the opportunity to participate in all of the fun things going on, but I got my chance one October night. I had to channel my inner child for this particular event, but it couldn’t have been more fun! The week’s activity, courtesy of Offline Media, was Defy Gravity, which is a unique indoor arena filled with trampolines, foam pits and even a dodge ball court. Yes, trampoline dodge ball. But before you have flashbacks to those horrible gym periods in middle school, let me paint the picture for you.

Smarty Pants in mid-air

You and a group of totally awesome people - some you know, some you don’t - walk into an arena with a floor made of trampolines. You’re in your most comfortable clothes…you know socks, Smarty Pants glasses, and for some, a tutu. Great music is playing and fun is calling your name. Nervous greetings are quickly replaced with laughs and friendly competition mid-air as you have a relay race across the trampoline floor and back. You throw the rope to your new friend that’s stuck in the foam pit after a marginally successful front flip in. In the dodge ball arena, you bounce off the walls (literally) to avoid being hit and even go on the offensive for your team of new friends. This is what the Offline experience was like Thursday night, and I loved every minute of it.

Contest winner and her pals

There were people of all professions, from sports media to financial analysts and entrepreneurs, bouncing around for an entire hour, just having fun. This event was made possible thanks to this week’s ‘Local Legends’ winner and Smarty Pants extraordinaire Stephanie Duke. She’s got cool ideas right? Well, that’s why she’s this week’s winner. But next time it could be you!

Contest winner and her pals

If you haven’t joined the Offline movement (#LiveOffline) yet, it’s not too late! Twice a month Offline Media accepts ideas for awesome adventures to have in the Triangle. A winner is selected on the 15th and last day of each month and receives a Smar+y=Pan+s t-shirt with up to fifty dollars cash. You can enter the contest at  Make sure your ideas totally awesome though, because the competition is stiff. Our Smarty Pants at the Defy Gravity event were already coming up with cool ideas to become our next Local Legend. The good news is that you can enter the contest as many times as you want.

Contest winner and her pals

The most amazing part about #LiveOffline is its’ ability to connect people with new things, places and friends. There’s no other experience quite like it. Everyone’s friendly and smiling and there’s nothing on the agenda but a genuinely good time. It may have been my first experience, but it won’t be my last. Whether you’re new to the Triangle or just want to step out of your box, this is the way to go! Find out more at:

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