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Creating Personal Masterpieces. Offline Media heads to Wine and Design!

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Creating Personal Masterpieces. Offline Media heads to Wine and Design!
Kristen B.
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I always enjoy a night out with Mr. Grigio. Add paint, music and new friends to the mix, and the night instantly becomes better. I attended Offline's Wine and Design event as an opportunity to meet new people in the Triangle. Offline makes it easy for me to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and interests. I've met some amazing new friends ready to explore the Triangle who share my creative mindset and passion for people.

Kristen and friends displaying their personal masterpieces

I convinced a few coworkers and friends to attend Wine and Design along with me. We split a bottle of wine and snacks, which we brought to the event. Music started playing as we settled into our chairs behind an unpainted canvas. Sierra, the Wine and Design instructor, led Offline's large group to create a painting consisting of drink bottles and glasses. She encouraged each participant to use unique colors, be creative and most importantly, have fun!

Kristen poses with one of Offline Media's founders, David.

Wine and Design is a great experience because it allows you to use a different part of your brain; the one we don't usually tap into during our ritualistic work days. Wine and Design also gave me an excuse drink wine and talk to new people. After the event the Offline group was able to mingle and view other's paintings. It was interesting to see their paintings and the color combinations they used. I shared a few laughs and connected with new people. By the end of the night I was already making plans to attend future Offline events. 

Our group of Smarty Pants pose with their paintings

The best part about Offline is the connections you will make with new people while experiencing something fun and unique. Everyone is there because they want to meet you and have a great time. Whether you’re new to the Triangle or just want to meet people instead of following them on Facebook or Twitter, you should make plans to attend Offline’s next event. After all, life does happen offline.

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