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A Party Animal's Guide to Chapel Hill-Carrboro: Legendary Nights Out (Part 1)

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A Party Animal's Guide to Chapel Hill-Carrboro: Legendary Nights Out (Part 1)
Kristen S.
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The Triangle, especially Chapel Hill, is considered a really smart place -- where there are more PhDs per capita than any other metropolitan statistical area [still looking for the citation, but I’ve really heard it from multiple sources]. 

  So, maybe our celebratory nature and proclivity for partying isn’t center stage, but I promise that you can find everything you need to entertain the party animal – whether it’s crazy cousin or a capricious colleague – in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. 

  Now, one can celebrate *ANY* day of the week in Orange County, but there are a few nights of the year that are legendary in our town:


 Halloween: Often the subject of urban legend, October 31 in Chapel Hill has drawn in the crowds in costume for years.  Though recently, there have been efforts to make the evening more targeted to the locals (understandably because of the cost of cleanup to the Town), but Franklin Street is particularly fun dressed as a ghoul or goblin after a few gin and tonics. 


 Living in the 80s: Still have those leg warmers? Couldn’t bear the thought of tossing that “Members Only” jacket? Heck, neon is back.  So, you’re bound to have something to wear to the WXYC 80’s Dance Party.  UNC’s radio station annually hosts a party honoring a previous decade at Cat’s Cradle, one of the best live music venues in the country. 



The WXYC 80’s Dance was one of the first dates for my sister
and her husband.  Most couples celebrate at fancy restaurants,
but dressing in “period costume” seems to make them nostalgic.


 So sleazy: A legend in its own right, I’ve actually never attended Sleazefest at Local 506, another great live music venue in our area.  But even the lore that surrounds the annual music festival will keep your favorite party animal entertained.  I’ve seen a much tamer version of Southern Culture on the Skids (and managed not to get covered in fried chicken or banana pudding), but I think most would agree that Sleazefest is a must-see for the ultimate party animal. 

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