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Raleigh 2013

Hey smarty pants, we’re glad you're here! 

Thanks for checking us out and learning more about why Raleigh and the Triangle region of North Carolina are the smartest places to work, live, play and learn.  On this page, you'll learn more about the fun plans, contests and giveaways we have going on in conjunction with SXSW in Austin.

The best way to connect with us while at SXSW is to stop by our booth #539 at the Interactive Trade Show and/or follow-us on Twitter
@WorkTriangleNC and @Raleigh4U
#PopUpRaleigh #Trianglesolo #InnovateRal

We’ll also be posting videos for our #TriangleSolo contest on the Work in the Triangle YouTube channel, so be sure to tune in there to follow along, share your #TriangleSolo video, or at the very minimum, get a good laugh.

Congratulations to the winner of our #TriangleSolo contest, Geoffrey Cole from Austin!  Check out his Geoffrey's video on our YouTube Channel!

And here's a little more about what we are doing here at SXSW:


Did you know Raleigh is home to more than 85+ live music venues, a large and incredibly talented (and growing) group of fashion designers and more than 20 craft breweries in the Triangle? Yeah? Well, we wouldn’t be surprised, since our great cultural scene is steadily gaining national recognition. Now, we want to give you the opportunity to experience all of this first-hand with the chance to WIN A TRIP FOR TWO TO RALEIGH!  

  1. Come by our booth #539 at the Interactive Trade Show and pick up your Work In The Triangle/Raleigh Musical Triangle Instrument and #SmartyPants Glasses;
  2. We'll record you (or you can send us) performing your best #TriangleSolo;
  3. Our panel of Raleigh judges will rate you on a variety of criteria (see below for details)
  4. Come by our booth for a #TriangleJam session at the Block Party on Tuesday, March 12 at 5:30 PM,  when we will announce the winner.


#PopUpRaleigh (Check out the Giveaways!)

And if you are not musically inclined or a little more introverted, that's okay you can still win some cool stuff.  Throughout SXSW, we'll be hosting #PopUpRaleigh, popping up in different places – like a popup store or - even better - a popup bar tab. Be sure to stay tuned into our Twitter feeds and the hashtag #PopUpRaleigh so you don’t miss out on these opportunities to get your coffee or drink on us – or better yet, win some seriously sweet SXSW swag (say that five times fast) – some of the finest, most high-quality products handcrafted in Raleigh as part of our region’s resurging “Maker’s Movement". 

Here’s how it works: We’ll send out Tweets to let you know where we are at a specific time and what we’re giving away. We could be at our booth. We could be at a bar. We could be in line for coffee in front of you. We could be right behind you. Right now.  As you’re reading this. (#PopUpRaleigh. Did we scare you?) You just…never…know.  So, best to follow along, right?

You’ll be the first (or 10th or 15th…we like to mix it up) person to show up, give us the secret phrase (hint: it’s Raleigh4Me), and chances are, you’ll walk away from that encounter with a drink of some sort in hand, a new T-shirt on your back, and your new prized #RaleighMaker possession in tow. We’re talking Raleigh Denim Jeans ($200 a pair…we got you covered), Holly Aiken iPad cover or business card holders (coveted by the celebrities) and lots of other good stuff.

We have some awesome prizes. Did we mention there are some great prizes?  View our full list of #RaleighMakers swag.

And here are the gritty details:

In September, we’ll be attempting to break the Guinness World Record in Raleigh for the largest number of musical triangles played at one time. So we’re looking  for a good amazing triangle player to join us in this attempt.

That’s why we need you to give us your best minute-long #TriangleSolo. You can either record it at our booth #539 or make it on your own during SXSW and Tweet us your triangle video for our consideration. If you are chosen as the Triangle’s triangle maestro, we’ll fly you and a friend to Raleigh (yes, two smarty pants with free accommodations airfare and VIP passes) to the Hopscotch Music Festival featuring over 175 bands over 3 days in 15 venues, to help lead this record-breaking attempt. All of this is courtesy of our great friends at the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Sound good?

Okay, here's what you need to do . . .

Stop by our booth #539 at the Interactive Trade Show, say hello, and pick up your very own musical Triangle and pair of #smartypants glasses to wear why you play a mean #TriangleSolo on your newest percussion instrument.

This will be a completely subjective contest. Yes, you read that right. Completely subjective. We know you’re smart, so you know that means that it’s up to us to decide the winner. How often do you hear that? Our panel of Raleigh judges will be rating you on your style, your dance moves, the full use of the triangle, audience engagement and participation, and lots of other intangibles. We’d like to say we won’t take into consideration how many people watch your video, or the number of your friends who petition us on Twitter and Facebook for you to win. But we will. We’ll be watching everything you do – and judging it all.

And we’re pretty sure that the winner will be some sort of crazy combination of Will Farrell’s “More Cowbell” crossed with Ed Grimley’s triangle solo meets a rockin’ Foo Fighters’ percussionist Drew Hester #TriangleJam in Wembley Stadium, if that gives you any hints…

Each morning, we’ll announce the winner of the previous day’s #TriangleSolo contest at a special #TriangleJam session. And we’ll crown the Triangle maestro at our booth #539 at 5:30 pm on Tuesday during the Interactive Trade Show Block Party with a special #TriangleJam #GangnamStyle. So be there, or be square…errr triangle…just stop by our booth.

More about us!

Work in the Triangle, Smarter From Any Angle, is a talent attraction initiative to showcase the Triangle nationally and internationally as one of the top destinations for talented professionals.  We are working hand in hand with our local talent and business, otherwise known as smarty pants ambassadors, to recruit other smart people to move to the Triangle.  During the last 30 years, growth in Raleigh, and the surrounding Research Triangle Region, has consistently and significantly outpaced the nation. Fueled by an impressive mix of education, ingenuity and collaboration, North Carolina’s capital city has become an internationally recognized leader in life science and technology innovation. It also happens to be a really nice place to live.  To learn more about locating, starting or investing in Raleigh or Wake County, please visit www.raleigh4u.com or www.raleigh-wake.org

You can also check out the Work in the Triangle YouTube Channel

Link to the Press Release for the Work in the Triangle Raleigh SXSW effort.

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