in the Triangle

Downtown Amphitheater
Raleigh, NC


In the Triangle, we think finding time to play is smart. Work and life are about balance, and having fun is a key factor in the equation. You math whizzes might even call it the denominator, since dividing job and home commitments by large amounts of play equals a happy you. Our companies value employees who have found their zen. And since we’re not stuck in traffic, the office is often close to our homes, and we don’t have to stay late to win the rat race, we find that we have lots of time to play.

  • Play ball. (Watch our pro teams or the #1 rivalry in the U.S. between the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and Duke, according to Sporting News.)
  • Play guitar. (The Triangle has a thriving independent music scene; check out our Hopskotch festival to discover new local bands.)
  • Play tag in the park. (We’ve got more than 250 of them.)
  • Play dress-up. (Find the perfect pair of jeans at Raleigh Denim.)
  • Play with your food. (From fine dining to “farm to table” and a year-round farmer’s market.)
  • Put on a play. (Or take in one at the Durham Performing Arts Complex.)
  • Learn as you play. (Spend the day at a museum, filling your already-packed brain with more facts. There’s a reason we’re called the "Smithsonian of the South.")

Whether you’re ready to “play house” with a family and kids, or play all night in your quest to find soulmate (tall, dark, glasses, no doubt), we have plenty of activities to fill your weekends and evenings. What are you waiting for? Once you’re here, we’ll have just one piece of advice that might sound like something your mom used to say on a sunny day. Go play.