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Are you always dreaming of the next big thing? Do you love to work with other #SmartyPants on ideas that will revolutionize the way people live, work, learn or play? Of course you do! You're a go getter, ambitious, hard working and tenacious. You dream of bagging venture capital to fund your next big project or coming across an angel investor to back your totally awesome business idea. The Triangle is full of #SmartyPants that thrive off of entrepreneurship and innovation just like you. The entrepreneurial community here is vibrant and strong, but you don't have to take our word for it. Check out what these experts think:

#1 Best City for Jobs (Raleigh, NC) Glassdoor | May 2015
#1 Hot Spot for Tech Startups Outside Silicon Valley (Raleigh, NC) | March 2015
#1 Mid-Sized American City of the Future (Raleigh, NC) Financial Times | April 2015
#4 Best City to Launch a Startup (Raleigh, NC) CNN Money | July 2014  

Still not convinced? Take this short quiz: What do highly successful, multinationals Cree, Red Hat, SAS and  Quintiles have in common? They all got their start right here in the Triangle. That's right. And the greatness didn't stop there.  Our Research Triangle Park leads the nation in terms of patents issued per employee; and some of the creations by Triangle entrepreneurs have been featured everywhere from New York Fashion Week and NBC's Today Show, to the Grammy Awards and Fox news. Here's a list of just some of the totally awesome, companies that have gotten their start right here in the Triangle.

Holly Aiken         Raleigh Denim          Organic Transit's elf              Bandwidth         WedPics





These #SmartyPants have all made national (and international) impacts from right here in the Triangle. So what are YOU waiting for? Put that freakishly large brain to work and get started on the next world saving, industry revolutionizing, standard shattering idea. Here in Smartopia, innovation and entrepreneurship are just what we do. So if you're contemplating a move, C'mon down! Or, up or over. Just get here! And if you're already here, we look forward to seeing what you come up with next. We're sure it will be the best thing since E=MC2, gravity, or the theory of relativity. Einstein would be proud.


Want to learn more? Check out, an interactive site that's all about entrepreneurial activity in the Research Triangle.

Also, take a look at the this year's Innovators Report released by CED. It's a semi-annual publication that highlights activities in the Research Triangle and throughout North Carolina that exemplify the successes of entrepreneurial activity.

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